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Video of the Week:

What really motivates people to be honest in business | Alexander Wagner

Professional Education Services:

DMA can prepare a wide array of bespoke professional education tools for your firm, either to enhance the knowledge of staff or to meet specific regulatory obligations.


Topics include:

  • Firm Governance

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Managing Enterprise Risk

  • Products and Services

  • Ethics and

  • Sustainability

"David is the most intellectually sound and driven professor I've ever had. His passion for educating is unparalleled. He truly cares about what he teaches and actively encourages students to take interest and apply skills learned to their everyday life. I'm honestly awestruck about how much I've learned in one semester. I recommend actively engaging with David as he always helps me look at issues in a useful environment. " -- Ken Nelson, Rutgers Business School - Newark
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